Dream Big

Duo Exhibition

Suanjaya Kencut &

Magda Kirk

April 14 – May 07 2022

GR Gallery, New York


“Dream Big” aims to bring forward two types of characters that are different from one another yet possess the same message to inspire the embodiment of the mindfulness of meditation, playfulness, and ease of mind. Suanjaya creates furry dolls personas that imitates our inner child, while Magdalena creates a still life performance that depicts current hardships in a playful alternative. Magdalena depicts bodies that are blurry and not fully formed but seem to be evolving into a complete state and ready to be awakened. Suanjaya learned arts and crafts in the 6th grade and formed his unique style giving birth to a characther that is said to be similar to Barong or Rangda because it was made by human hands: -“It was used for ritual purposes, whereas I found it easier to make something simple and close to me, which also helped me insert moral messages into my work”-.