Seattle Art Fair at GR Gallery

Group Exhibition

Geoffrey Bouillot | Egami Etsu | Adam Handler | Suanjaya Kencut | Ai Madonna | Kazusa Matsuyama | Daniel Nunez

21-24 July 2022

Lumen Field Event Center
800 Occidental Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134

GR gallery is pleased to announce its participation to SEATTLE ART FAIR with a group presentation featuring artists: Geoffrey Bouillot, Egami Etsu, Adam Handler, Suanjaya Kencut, Ai Madonna, Kazusa Matsuyama and Daniel Nunez from July 21 to July 24. The show will put together a total 14 artworks on canvas, two per each artist.

Guardian Cloak #1, 120cmx80cm, Acrylic on Canvas, Yogyakarta, 2022

Putu Adi Suanjaya, also known as “Kencut”, born in Bali, September 25th 1994, Kencut is involved in the world of art since in elementary school. One of his first steps is making crafts for religious ceremony in a studio in Bali. Then he continued to learn the world of art until he finished his art study at Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta in early 2018. He regularly starred in group exhibition since 2012, and in 2019 he had his solo exhibition titled “Kaum Mata Kancing” (Button-Eyed People). He also won some awards, the most recent is “Best Five Artwork Aksi Artsy 2017”. Now based in Yogyakarta, Kencut regularly making artworks with a unique style, true to his passion.

Guardian Cloak #2, 120cmx80cm, Acrylic on Canvas, Yogyakarta, 2022

Suanjaya Kencut’s Artwork Exhibited during Seattle Art Fair at Gr Gallery